Third party liability for Damages Incurred by Employer (“Employee Liability”)

Employee Liability

This insurance covers you in case you cause damages to your employer in the process of performing your work tasks or in direct relation to it, for which you are responsible pursuant to the relevant provisions of the Labour Code or other legal regulations governing labour relations.

This insurance applies to employees who are in employment, service, civil service, or any similar relations to employers with a registered office in the Slovak Republic. The insurance covers damages caused within territory of the Slovak Republic or can be extended to the territory of Europe.

The sum insured set by you should be sufficient to cover maximum damages the employer can claim within the meaning of the currently valid wording of the legal regulations governing the scope of damages and the means of settlement (the Labour Code in particular). The premium volume depends on the sum insured, type of work performed and the fact whether the employee drives a motor vehicle or operates some other vehicles owned by the employer.

Third party liability for Damages Incurred by Employer can be concluded by an employee or by employers in favour of their employees.