Corporate travel Insurance

Corporate travel Insurance

As many as 400,000 business trips from Slovakia to foreign countries are organised yearly.

These business trips are mostly made to the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The average duration of a business trips is 4 days and the overall number of business trips increases every year.

The means of transportation most commonly used are motor vehicles, buses and planes.

Obligatory health insurance (EHIC) does not cover all costs related to healthcare provision abroad.

Employers are obliged to cover all necessary expenditures incurred by an employee in the course of a business trip to a foreign country.

Advantages of an annual travel insurance programme:

  • Easy arrangement
  • Broader coverage than that provided under credit card insurance
  • Every trip abroad is insured
  • Non-stop assistance services guaranteed by Europ Assistance
  • Tax-deductible item (possibility to include it in corporate expenditure)
  • Luggage insurance includes laptops and phones
  • Insurance is also valid within the territory of Slovakia