Motor Vehicle Passengers Accident Insurance

Passengers Accident

When driving cars, we are putting ourselves at risk every day. Often it only takes a moment to become involved in a road accident. Road collisions can result in damages to property, injuries or even death.

This insurance protects your most important assets– your health.

Motor Vehicle Passengers Accident Insurance will help you to overcome the consequences of an accident and injuries more easily.

This insurance is arranged for cases of

  • Permanent accidental disability (both partial and total) and death resulting from accident
  • Accidental death
  • Daily hospital benefit providing hospitalization is a result of an injury
  • Fractures and burns resulting from an injury

You can choose from four insurance options with the maximum sum insured amounting to EUR 35,000 per seat.

Motor Vehicle Passengers Accident Insurance shall cover all persons who were in the vehicle at the time of the insured event regardless of who was driving the insured vehicle. The insurance shall always be arranged for all seats the number of which is stipulated in the vehicle certificate and the sum insured shall be the same for all seats.

This insurance can be arranged either individually or through a group Company Fleet Motor Vehicle Passenger Accident Insurance policy.

Motor Vehicle Passengers Accident Insurance covers injuries of insured persons which happen in the vehicle driven by an insured person

  • during journeys in the places meant for passenger transportation or during a road accident
  • when getting in/on or out/off the vehicle
  • when turning the engine on immediately before the commencement of the journey
  • during short periods the vehicle stops due to traffic situation, for repair or in order to fix a common engine failure which has emerged in the course of the journey, provided the injury of the person transported happens inside of the vehicle or close to it

The territory of coverage in this type of insurance is not limited and shall be arranged without specific examination of the age of entry or of the state of health and for unnamed persons. Insurance ceases to be valid when the motor vehicle changes owners or when it is stolen.