Professional liability

Professional liability

With specific profession come specific risks. Professionals are facing problems and making decisions on daily basis. Some of these may be questioned over the years. Professional Liability cover helps you and your company to cover these decisions (especially the wrong ones) and providing protection against negative impact of such decisions.

For example:
Late supply of the Insured´s client Tax Declaration by mistake and with it associated fine imposed by the local Tax Authority. The Insured (Professional) will have to pay it to his client.

Who is this insurance for?

  • Architects, Engineers and Project Companies
  • Auditors, Accountants, Tax Consultants
  • Law firms, Notaries, Executors
  • Brokers and Insurance Agents
  • Media and Communications Companies, Advertising Agencies (publishing, advertising, television, radio)
  • Management or Marketing Consulting Firms
  • IT professions, PC & Telecommunications Companies
  • General Services Companies

What is covered?

  • Negligence, errors / omissions that result in a  material damage (client)
  • Third-party business interruption (e.g. interruption of services and consequent material damage to third parties.)
  • Insults, defamation and violation of privacy
  • Infringement of intellectual property, copy-right and trademarks (excluding patents)
  • Penalties and taxes, penalties and fines imposed on the Insured's customers
  • Consequences arising from loss, destruction or deterioration of documents
  • Allowance presence in legal proceedings