All-Risk Property Insurance


This type of insurance covers against loss or damage caused by any perils except for those which are specifically excluded in the policy conditions or in the policy. All-risk insurance coverage is broader than the named perils insurance coverage.

Insured objects can be movable and/or immovable property or stocks in your ownership or in the ownership of a third person. [1] Production machines, technologies and structural parts of rented premises can also be insured.

Sum Insured

The sum insured is determined by the policyholder. In order to have the real value insured (without overinsurance or underinsurance), the sum insured should match the value of the property insured either individually or as a group of insured items.

Sum Insured can be expressed as:

  • New replacement value
  • Current market value
  • Other price agreed in the contract
[1] On the basis of a Contract on absorption of assets or the right to use the assets.