Corporate lines – Property and Liability

Named perils

Property Insurance against Named Perils

Commercial  property insurance that provides coverage for losses incurred to movable and immovable property from hazards or events named on the policy


All-Risks Property Insurance

This type of insurance covers against loss or damage caused by any perils except for those which are specifically excluded in the policy conditions or in the policy. All-risk insurance coverage is broader than the named perils insurance coverage.

Cargo insurance

Cargo Insurance

Goods or shipment transported by any means can be insured against loss or damage resulting from collision, cat events, theft or other perils.

Technical risks

Technical Risks

Technical risks insurance covers specific risks that machinery and mechanical as well as electronic equipment is exposed to due to its nature and type of operation.


Business Interruption Insurance

This insurance covers consequential loss (business interruption in the form of loss of profits) resulting from material damage where we, as the insurer, are obliged to provide property or machinery insurance indemnity to the extent stipulated by the relevant policy


Construction and Erection All-Risks Insurance (CAR/EAR)

This type of insurance is arranged for cases when loss or damage is incurred to any work under construction (construction or during technological unit assembly).

General liability

General Liability

This insurance covers the loss or damage incurred by a third party in an insured event for which you are liable.

Directors and officers liability

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (“D&O”)

Each statutory body member shall be liable for breaching statutory obligations to the extent of his/her own assets

Professional liability

Professional liability

With specific profession come specific risks. Professionals are facing problems and making decisions on daily basis.

Environmental liability

Environmental liability

Environmental liability provides financial protection against losses arising from pollution releases.

Cyber insurance

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance helps you to protect your company, business, your customers, your employees, or your property.

Terrorism insurance

Terrorism insurance

Terrorism insurance provides protection for assets that are exposed to acts of terrorism and will help you minimize the impact of financial losses and maximize recovery after terrorism attack.


GDPR Insurance

Starting on 25.05.2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. All EU