Motor Hull Insurance

This product serves to provide comprehensive insurance of motor vehicles and trailers in case of damage, loss or theft.

This product covers:

  • passenger and utility vehicles
  • lorries and buses
  • trailers
  • additional (specific) accessories
  • luggage
Scope of cover:
Damage to or destruction of the vehicleCollision of the vehicle, crash, fall of objects which are not a part of the vehicle insured, fire, explosion, lightning strike, flood, flooding, hailstorm, windstorm, earthquake, interference of a third party, damages caused by rodents
Theft of the vehicleburglary,robbery

We also offer the following supplementary types of insurance:

  • luggage insurance
  • car glass damage or destruction with an indemnity limit up to the deductible amount in the damage to or destruction of vehicle insurance
  • spare car rental costs insurance

This insurance usually covers damages incurred within European territory, with the exception of former Soviet Union states that are not EU member states.

Advantages of this product include:

  • insurance of passenger and utility vehicles up to 3,5 t also includes assistance services insurance which covers technical assistance in case of breakdown, road accident, attempted theft or theft of the vehicle
  • basic damage to or destruction of vehicle insurance covers also damages to the vehicle windscreen
  • in the event of repairs the standard hourly rate of brand car-repair shop works (common in the region or for the brand and make of the vehicle in question)
  • in the event of damage to the vehicle repair costs up to 100% of the general vehicle value (total loss limit) shall be accepted

Bonus-malus system insurance can be arranged for vehicles owned or held by individuals or entrepreneurs, allowing for a no claims bonus.

This insurance is designed for owners or holders of vehicles, i.e. for individuals, entrepreneurs or other organisations. Insurance can be concluded individually for each separate motor vehicle or as group insurance for a group (fleet) of motor vehicles.