Handling of complaints

A complaint can be filed in person at any Colonnade Insurance point of contact  during opening hours; by mail at: Colonnade Insurance S.A., Slovakia Branch , Moldavská cesta 8 B, 042 80 Košice; by email at info@colonnade.sk; by phone on +421 55 6826 222 or you can use our online form here.

A complaint shall be handled without undue delay, and no later than 30 days from the date of registration. This period may be extended due to objective reasons. In this case, the complainant shall be informed of the expected deadline and of the reasons why the time limit is to be extended within 30 days of the date of registration. The complainant is entitled to obtain a comprehensive explanation of Colonnade Insurance’s viewpoint in a clear and comprehensible manner. If a complaint cannot be resolved as expected by the complainant, the complainant shall be informed of the other options of complaint handling available. Colonnade Insurance accumulates and verifies evidence it obtains from complainants, as well as other available evidence and information regarding complaints and proceeds to ascertain the real status and its compliance with applicable law and internal regulations. If necessary, Colonnade Insurance adopts measures to remedy the shortcomings detected and to prevent their future recurrence. Colonnade Insurance shall keep a record of the complaints received as appropriate.